Lesson Information

At Showtime Sports Academy we believe in one-on-one training by professionals who have played at the highest levels. We administer lessons to both members and non-members alike. We provide private lessons in baseball & softball where we offer a wide variety of instructions in which you can choose from catching, pitching, infield/outfield and bunting/hitting where you will learn the fundamentals, drills, skills and techniques from some of the best instructors in the Middle Tennessee area.

All lessons are 30 minutes long. You may schedule up to an hour. You may book or cancel a lesson with a minimum 24 hour advance notice. All Lesson Packages expire within 12months of date of purchase.

Package Lesson(s) MVP Members Non-Members
Single 1 $45 $60
Bronze 4 $172 $230
Silver 6 $246 $336
Gold 8 $312 $432
Platinum 10 $370 $520

Interested in Becoming a Member?

Howard Johnson Hitting & Fielding Lessons

MVP Members: $60 per 30min Lesson

Non-Members: $80 per 30min Lesson

*Lesson Packages DO NOT Apply to Howard Johnson Lessons

*24hr Cancellation Policy

Batting Cages/HitTrax/Pitching Tunnel

Showtime Sports Academy houses nine (9) batting cages and a Pitching tunnel. There are four (4) cages that have automatic Iron Mike Pitching Machines, one cage with a jugs softball pitching machine, one cage housing our Home Plate (HP) pitching machine, and one HitTrax cage (pricing will vary). All batting cages have L-screens and battings tees in them for all of your training needs!

Rental Prices for Non-Members:

$30 per 30 minutes

$55 per 60 minutes

HitTrax Rental Prices:

MVP Members: $20/30min or $40/60min

Non-Members: $40/30min or $75/60min

Utility Field for Baseball, Softball, Soccer, and Lacrosse

There are two utility fields that can be used for a variety of activities. The fields vary in size Field 1 is 56 feet by 130 feet and Field 2 is 43 feet by 130 feet. Field two also has three portable mounds that have a maximum distance of 60 feet six inches.

Team Pricing:

Half field: $50 per 30min or $75 per 60min

Full field: $75 per 30min or $150 per 60min

RED Full Field Package: 15 hours for $1,800

WHITE Full Field Package: 20 hours for $2,200

BLUE Full Field Package: 25 hours for $2,500

Baseball and Softball Packages

  • $675 Hit Package: 15 Cage Hours
  • $2,400 Hit & Run Package: 15 Cage Hours & 15 Full Utility Field Hours